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Photo Gallery
(l/r) Willa, Mack, and Milo
Clarisse and Willa
Bessie and Louis
Take that!  and that!  and that!
No Bullmastiff is any match for a French Bulldog pup

Not enough room on this chair for both of us
Willa and Clarisse, sisters
Andy and Willa
 Willa and Troller
(l/r) Willa, Spanky, and Timmy
Three generations, mother, son , grandson
Vern (2 yrs), Ellie (6 mos) owned by the Gorsey family, NY
Priscilla, owned by the Yeob family, CT

Elmo on the cover of the Frenchie Kisses book
Sammy keeps an eye on Bug
Willa at 12
Amelia and Mona eating dirt
Gwen playing with Mack
Willa, Ben, and Uly
Ben and Sprout
Ben, Porky, and Sprout
Cletus and friend
Owned by Charlotte Creeley in MA
Jasper, Prince, Louise, and Sammy

Sprout testing the waters
Cricket in her princess bed
Chihuahua adopted at 8 years old from Animal Advocates
Ben and Cricket
Duke, CGC, TDI
Adopted at 5 years old from Mutts4Rescue
Duke and Fiona
Willa at 11 years old
Edith, Mona, and Cricket
Milo sitting
Sammy at camp
Patriotic Sammy
Sammy's birthday
Spanky the Snowplow
Wilma and Phoebe
Fiona's babies sleeping
Gwen launches a Mack Attack
Willa's daughter, Lola
Ulysses as Bat
Maybelline with her ball
Samsara and Milo
Sophie, owned by the Vanscoys in NY

Tuffi and Fiona
Uly with his toys
Scooter and Yaguard
Ben and Spanky's holiday picture
Ben is owned by the Giampas in NY
Hannah, 8 years old, is owned by Micky Niego in NY
Hannah and friends...
Olive is owned by Karen Anderson in MA
Sophie is owned by the Van Scoys in NY
Spanky racing through the snow
Willa, at 12 years old