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About Us
Rockydell is the kennel name for a small breeding program dedicated to producing, sound, healthy french bulldogs. I breed for myself, keeping a puppy or two from each litter to show and to continue my breeding program. All other puppies are spayed and neutered and placed as pets. I do not sell puppies for others to breed. A select few pups are placed with trusted friends to show, all of which I co-own.

I met my first french bulldog, Larry, when I volunteered at an animal shelter. He had been found on the streets of NYC as a stray, and was adopted by the then director of training. He was a clown, a rascal, the funniest little character I'd ever met. He was also extremely dog aggressive. I got to see that frenchies didn't fit any mold. Cute, funny, stubborn, tough, yet sweet and sensitive. And smart. Very smart. Too smart. Diabolically clever actually.

I decided one day I would get a frenchie. In 1993 I did. I went to a breeder, seeking a pet female and went home with the show male puppy. My husband and I had fallen in love with him and I thought, well, I could TRY to show him .. Well that was the beginning of this wonderful adventure and my life with frenchies. Milo (Ch Yellow Vail Thief of Hearts) was owner handled by me to his championship and trained by me to a therapy dog title. He was a sensitive, sweet soul. After a few years, he was joined by my beloved Ivy Rose, (Ch Affabulls Sculpted Ivory), by Willa, (BISS Am/Can Ch Sonlit Willa Steele) and her half sister Clarisse (FullMoon Classique Clarisse).
It was upon this solid foundation that Rockydell French Bulldogs was created.  
I am forever grateful to Carol Hawke, (Sonlit) Haine Crown, (FullMoon) and
Dr. Sally Monroe for mentoring me and trusting me, and for sharing their great dogs with me.  Willa's, Milo's, and Clarisse's children and grandchildren continue the tradition of soundness, type and temperament that is Rockydell.
Take a moment to look through the website at our dogs. I am happy to answer questions and provide information on the breed. Honestly, its not a breed for everyone. But for those who can appreciate the independent, quirky, funny, loving, stubborn, willful, sensitive, affectionate, nutty little fruitcakes.. there is no other breed.
To learn more about the wonderful French Bulldog breed, read this marvelous informative flyer provided by the French Bulldog Club of America.

For more information about Rockydell French Bulldogs, contact
Elena Siegman   at